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When the going gets tough, the people of the Anderson Family of Companies rise to the occasion. The following stories are real testimonials of how your contributions have helped make a difference in the lives of those around you. You and your donations are making a difference.

"When I was a company driver, I participated in weekly donations to the Foundation. When I went lease, I stopped donating because I thought it was useless. Then, on June 3, 2022, my family and I suddenly lost my wife, who also acted as a mom to so many. Because of the Anderson Assistance Foundation’s support toward her expenses, I am relieved of a heavier financial burden. I regret ever dropping my weekly donation into the Foundation. I encourage everyone to participate because someday you will appreciate the Anderson Assistance Foundation when they help you in the future."

- Douglas W.

"The Anderson Assistance Foundation was most helpful to me and my wife in our time of need. My fleet manager checked on me daily and even upper management, including the Anderson family, checked in to see how I was doing. I'm very grateful for everyone's prayers and support. ATS is my home for the rest of my time in trucking."

- Ray R.

"As a contract driver, breakdowns — and especially injuries — can be super hard to deal with. I never thought I would need it, but when I did the Anderson Assistance Foundation was there for me and my family. I had an on-the-job injury that put me down for some time and they were quick to help when I needed it."

- Ronnie

"The Anderson Assistance Foundation helped our family greatly when we had to move from our home in a hurry due to a toxic mold issue that was causing major health problems for my wife. Without their support, we would have never been able to move and my wife would have continued to get more sick every day.

Thank you Anderson Assistance Foundation for everything you have done. Just another reason I love working here."

- Erik K.

"I have no words to express what you have done for my family. ATS meant the world to Wayne. He would talk about ATS with excitement and the future it would hold for us. Even though he was there for a short time, he planned on staying there until he retired. He found a family with ATS. You, your family and company will always have a special place in my heart!"

- Sarah R.

"I am so very grateful that I work for such a great place, they care enough to help when someone is in need. There are no words to really describe how truly grateful we are."

- Anonymous

"This was the first company I’ve ever been with that stepped up like this. They treat me more or less like family."

- James V.

"The Anderson Companies helped me and my family in Puerto Rico when Hurricane Maria devastated the island back in 2017. Our family spent more than six months without electricity or water. They were kind enough to send generators, food and first aid supplies to cover my family needs. I cannot be more grateful with the Anderson Family and their management."

- Vanessa L.

"I feel blessed to be a part of a company that goes the extra mile to care for its people in this way. It’s a comfort knowing they’d be there to support us when we’d need it most. "

- Brenda S.

"I was so happy and pleased when the Anderson Assistance Foundation helped me and my family out last year when we lost everything in the flood in Texas. This is a great foundation for when people go through hardship and need help. They're always there to help. With their help, I was able to move and rebuild what we lost. Thank you to all of you."

- Kevin C.

"Today I was assigned a recovery job of a trailer that was pulled by an ATS driver who recently passed away ...

It was a privilege and honor to meet his daughter and her husband.

The words that she shared with me concerning the outpouring of support and compassion from ATS made me realize how blessed my life has become during my time here."

- Phil T.

I want to thank the Anderson Assistance Foundation for all that was done for me and my family during my husband's sickness. From the bottom of our hearts, you will never know how much we appreciate all that was done. When something happens that is beyond your control, it helps to know you work for a company that will be there to help when you are in need.

- Anonymous