The Foundation Covers Mortgage During Chemo

I am so grateful to the Anderson Assistance Foundation for all the help they have given me since my cancer diagnosis back in January of 2021.

I had to miss a ton of work days and used all of my PTO  and still missed another 30+ days of work with no pay due to all the days of chemotherapy infusions. We were still okay, but my great coworkers (Jay J. and Christy C.) still applied to the Foundation without my knowledge. I thought we still could handle all the bills with what we had in savings but you really don’t want to tap into that if there is a choice.

As it went, the Foundation approved the application and, in turn, paid two months’ worth of the mortgage on our home. We were overwhelmed by this gesture and very grateful for the generosity!

My wife, Holly, still talks about how much stress was taken off our shoulders with the help we received from the Foundation. We still feel so truly blessed and grateful for their help through the toughest time in my life.

  • Brian W.
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