About Us

The Anderson Family of Companies – including Anderson Trucking Service, Sureway Transportation, Warren Transport, SunBelt Furniture Xpress, Prestera Trucking and Momentum Truck Group – and their employees, drivers and independent contractors have long supported one another during difficult times. In an effort to preserve a legacy of support through times of hardship and have funds continually available when needs arise, the Anderson Assistance Foundation (the Foundation) was created. Today, any eligible employee or contractor of the Anderson Family of Companies can apply for assistance through the Foundation and anyone can donate at any time.

When a qualifying emergency or hardship does arise, upon application receipt and approval, the Foundation provides financial assistance for employees, drivers and independent contractors in need across the Anderson Family of Companies. In total, thousands of people are impacted throughout the U.S., including Puerto Rico.

The Anderson Assistance Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) Public Charity with the Internal Revenue Service. Although funding for the Foundation is provided in part by the Anderson Family of Companies themselves, 501(c)(3) regulations require that at least 30 percent of the Foundation’s funding come from individuals and non-corporate sources. Community donations, along with contributions from employees, drivers and contractors of the Anderson Family of Companies are critical to the vitality of the Foundation. The more you give, the bigger the impact the Foundation can have. Hear stories of those impacted here.

For the full story on how the Anderson Assistance Foundation came to be, visit our History page.

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