Helping keep the focus on recovery following basketball injury

It was time for SunBelt Furniture Xpress Warehouse Employee Chris S.’ family reunion and that meant a family basketball tournament. Chris said he was going up for a rebound during one of the games, came down a little funny and tweaked his knee.

He thought he dislocated his knee, but it turned out he tore ligaments around his knee cap and required surgery. Doctors said that would put him out of work for several months.

While Chris was working through the recovery process, he approached his manager about Short-Term Disability options. While his manager said there wasn’t a disability option that fit his needs at the time, the Anderson Assistance Foundation (the Foundation) would be a good option for Chris.

“I was like, is this for real?” Chris said.

His manager convinced him it was, in fact, for real. After submitting his information, the Foundation helped Chris cover rent and utility payments for a couple of months so he could focus on recovering his knee.

“It helped me out a whole lot. A whole lot,” Chris said.

Chris is now back at work for SunBelt and said he is even running a little. He hopes to be back in basketball shape in the near future.

“The Foundation is a huge, huge help,” Chris said. “I really, really appreciate it.”

Basketball sitting on rainy basketball court